The website shows CMIP evaluation results produced with the Earth System Model Evaluation Tool (ESMValTool, The ESMValTool includes a large collection of diagnostics and performance metrics for variables across atmosphere, ocean, and land, focusing on the mean-state, trends, variability, as well as important processes and emergent constraints. It also includes targeted analysis packages such as the NCAR Climate Variability Diagnostics Package. A set of standard namelists for each scientific topic reproduces specific sets of diagnostics or performance metrics that have demonstrated their importance in ESM evaluation in the peer-reviewed literature. The ESMValTool results are visualized with the Freie University evaluation system (FREVA).

The CMIP6 evaluation results produced with the ESMValTool are made publically available on this website without password restriction. Initially this website shows CMIP5 results that are already published. Newly produced results for CMIP6 will initially be water-marked and will only be made available without water-mark once quality control has happened and possible papers have been written. This strategy has been supported, encouraged, and approved by the WCRP Working Group of Coupled Modelling (WGCM). Therefore, all CMIP6 results presented on this website are strictly confidential as long as they are water-marked and should not be used in publications. We encourage all CMIP6 modelling groups to quality control the results for their models. Please follow the CMIP6 Terms of Use.

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… in the Results-Browser. The result browser includes a search function that allows you to sort the ESMValTool by (a) ESMValTool namelist, (b) Projects, (c) CMIP6 Realms, (d) Themes, (e) Domain, (f) Plot Type, (g) Statistics, (h) References, (i) Variables, (j) Models (including the multi-model mean and observations), and (k) Results. Each figure includes a figure caption that is displayed alongside with the figure, and also includes metadata that are displayed when you click on the figure. These metadata include the ESMValTool configuration used to calculate and plot the figure, Program's output, Notes, and Results.

View Data
… in the Data-Browser. All CMIP5 datasets available on the DKRZ are scanned and indexed in a special server (SOLR). This allows us to query the server which responds almost immediately.

Currently, access to the Data-Browser is only available for logged in users.


The Earth System Model Evaluation Tool (ESMValTool) is a community-developed diagnostic and performance metrics tool for the evaluation of Earth system models with observations. It includes other well-established model evaluation packages such as the NCAR Climate Variability Diagnostics Package (CVDP). The collection of standard namelists for example also allows to reproduce the figures from the climate model evaluation chapter of IPCC AR5 (Chapter 9) and parts of the projection chapter (Chapter 12). ESMValTool is available as open source on GitHub.

Freva - Freie Universität Berlin Evaluation System

The MiKlip INTEGRATION project provides a standardized data and evaluation system framework - developed at the Freie Universität Berlin in Germany. Freva provides efficient and comprehensive access to the model data base as well as to evaluation data sets. The application system is developed as an easy to use low-end application minimizing technical requirements for users and tool developers.